The most important thing we’d like to say about ourselves is that we’re friends, and all of us love Costa Rica. Our team is made up of people who were born here, or somehow ended up here, who fell in love with this amazing country and can’t leave it since. It’s hard to get it across in writing to someone who hasn’t been here, but has heard or read a lot about Costa Rica. Believe it when I say that you haven’t seen anything and you don’t know anything until you experience the wonderful feeling this country offers with your own skin.

For those who decide to explore this country with us and through us, we would like to pass on what no simple tourist can ever experience.

We arrange personalized and unique trips. Do not hesitate to write or call us. Tell us what you would like. Give us a little time to get to know you and we’ll put together a program most suitable to you alone.

We’re waiting! 

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Costa Rica?

All people are different. Everybody wants to visit and get to know a certain place for various reasons. We would like for those who come to this country to be able to get away from themselves and store up that energy with an unforgettable experience that makes the mind and soul richer. Many who first came here couldn’t explain the reason, but could only say when they left that they had become a different person. They had discovered that the sense in life, and the most valuable thing about it, is nature itself. The jungle in and of itself, the incredible sunsets, the churning of waterfalls, the incomparable world of animals and plants, the energy of volcanos all cumulatively create peace in a soul. The tours we offer await those people who would like to experience this kind of peace at least once. 



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Costa Rica foods drinks

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