Our Team



I lived in Hungary for a long time. I was the owner of an international media company. The course of my work took me around the entire world. I had seen and experienced a lot, and then one day I made it to Costa Rica. It wasn’t just the country that I fell in love with, but a wonderful woman, whom I married. From the first minute, there was no question that we would spend our lives together here. I decided to leave my old life behind. I sold my company and started a new, much happier life in Uvita, where the jungle meets the ocean. Currently, I have a number of enterprises, and I love them. I’m raising them as if they were my children. I have to travel a lot now for work. Every time I’m away from my new home for shorter or longer periods, I take the opportunity to re-evaluate my life again, how lucky I am and happy, how I live in a place where others come to vacation and recuperate. I am confronted with the beauty of my home every evening, and no two sunsets are the same. The color of the jungle, the sound of ocean waves breaking on the shore is always different. I’m happy that I found a place where I can show my children what happiness is. I think it’s important to raise kids to respect the nature that surrounds them and then every day will be a gift.



I live in Hungary where I run my own media company. My work has taken me to many different shooting locations. That’s how I found Costa Rica. A few years after that, I decided that someday I’d like to live in that place. For the last year, I’ve been arranging my situation to make room for my work and also build a life in Costa Rica which might give me all that I’ve desired for my life in quality and feeling. Nowadays I’m living a double life, which isn’t easy, but as I achieve my goal, it’s clear that I’ll have to give up a lot, and make sacrifices.

A lot of my friends have been to Costa Rica and it always fills me with joy when I can show the beauty of this country to my friends, and those who come to visit. It’s a good feeling to come there, like I’m going home, because when I’m in this country I truly feel I’ve found a home there. I’d love to pass this feeling on to those who would like to see all the wonder that we live in every day.