The most important thing we’d like to say about ourselves is that we’re friends, and all of us love Costa Rica. Our team is made up of people who were born here, or somehow ended up here, who fell in love with this amazing country and can’t leave it since. It’s hard to get it across in writing to someone who hasn’t been here, but has heard or read a lot about Costa Rica. Believe it when I say that you haven’t seen anything and you don’t know anything until you experience the wonderful feeling this country offers with your own skin.

For those who decide to explore this country with us and through us, we would like to pass on what no simple tourist can ever experience.

We arrange personalized and unique trips. Do not hesitate to write or call us. Tell us what you would like. Give us a little time to get to know you and we’ll put together a program most suitable to you alone.

We’re waiting! 

Pura Vida


  • Anna (from Germany)

    My partner and I spent our summer vacation in Mexico two years ago. We didn’t plan our trip and didn’t take a tour. Our 10 days were full, but we felt something was lacking. We’d seen a lot, but we didn’t get what we’d been hoping for from the area or the country. We decided that next time we’d travel with a little ‘help’. We didn’t want to go through a travel agent, since we’d had a few bad experiences. We wanted a special trip, which would give us special experiences to bring home. Our friends mentioned Costa Rica, and […]
  • Ildiko (from Hungary)

    It was the first time I had ever been to such an exotic place. I’d never stepped foot outside of Europe, and I am so happy that I found the Soul Pacific travel agency through a friend. I went to places that as a simple tourist, I could never have found or experienced. But naturally, with great tour guides, I saw everything that a tourist ‘must see’. Costa Rica boasts sunshine, ocean, amazing plants and animals, incomparably beautiful natural treasures and so much more. For us europeans, this was a magical kingdom, where so many secrets awaited us, and like […]
  • Kriszta (from Hungary)

    The first and most important thing I have to make clear is that Costa Rica is magical. I’ve been to a lot of places in the world, but the way the jungle is such a living, breathing, organic part of civilization and symbiotically still holds onto its variable, verdant wilds is simply breathtaking. We stayed next to Uvita in the jungle, in the Whale Tail House. It’s a kind of home among the jungle trees, with incredible panoramas opening out on Marina Ballenara. Every morning before dawn, we woke to the sounds of the birds and mammals living in the […]