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When I visited Costa Rica for the first time, what amazed me the most besides the kindness of the locals was the raw power of the nature. I had no desire but to walk down the Pacific coast, to listen the birds singing and the monkeys howling a tune that brings the jungle alive. I visited the small creatures hiding in national parks: the sloths who are hanging from the trees seemingly motionless all day and the toucans and the parrots who alter their arrival by singing.

The scene left me breathless, albeit I didn’t know back then, that I haven’t seen anything yet. Thanks to my job I got to come back for more and suddenly I wasn’t traveling there for work, but also for leisure too and to gather more experience.  I’ve made good friends and through them I got to know the country better, all it’s hidden gems.

And I’m not talking about those things you can see with your eyes. I’ve tasted the real Costa Rica and I knew that it won’t be ever enough. I was thinking to share this great experience with others. There are places every tourist must see, but there are great places only a few know about…