The first and most important question is when to travel to a certain region, country. You need to consider many aspects. The first is the weather. In Costa Rica, like the other countries in the region has two seasons. There is the rainy season or the green season (called by the locals) and the dry season. The average daily mean temperature in both seasons is between 30 and 33 celsius and by night it drops to 20 to 23 celsius by the ocean. It is important to mention that the temperature of the ocean is 28-30 celsius all the time. It’s a reviving feeling to dive into it, and the brave ones can even surf on the waves. The most rain falls in October and November. In these months there can be rainfall that lasts for days, but it doesn’t mean not to visit the country. The heavy rain results in the nature going extremely green and if you don’t like crowds, there are less tourists and the services are cheaper too.  From May to October there’s also a lot of rain. It usually rains for 2-3 hours a day, which can be refreshing in the heat. From December to April lasts the dry season, when’s the rain hardy falls and the sunshine is blazing. Most of the tourists come in March and April around Easter, and from December to February.

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